Our history dates back over 45 years when the president of our company worked and supplied engineering for some of the 'legacy' companies in the mixing industry.

For many years, LOTUS Mixers remained a supplier of highly specialized agitators to niche markets primarily Nuclear, Pharmaceutical and Pulp & Paper.

In early 2004, the management team of LOTUS Mixers saw changes in the market and demand from our customers to grow.

We now offer a global work force of more than 500 employees, of which 98 individuals have engineering or other technical degrees (i.e. metallurgist, chemist, etc.). This also includes 12 individuals with doctorate level degrees.

Unlike other mixer companies, LOTUS Mixers utilizes our large engineering staff to provide unequal expertise. It also allows us to perform critical research on new process technologies, product innovations and application development.

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3449 Technology Drive # 201

North Venice, FL 34275 USA

Anytime, you have a question about mixing, agitator technology or the application for a mixer, please call (941)966-1885, email (info@lotusmixers.com) or use our on-line data sheet.


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Static and Portable Mixers

Picture was taken in November of 1972 at a mixing conference where Mr. Robert Naidel made a presentation on impeller design, baffle location and future applications.

Today, LOTUS MIXERS offers up world class manufacturing capabilities with both MADE IN THE USA production and manufacturing abroad.

Some of the important information about our production: