Agitators Built For Today’s Ethanol

Corn Based and Next Generation Cellulosic Ethanol


LOTUS Mixers is recognizd as one of the leading mixer manufacturers for ethanol applications worldwide. We have been at the forefront of the Generation 2 - Cellulosic processes (testing, designing and supplying mixers for a wide variety of feedstocks), major proponent for upgrading mixing systems in corn based ethanol plants to improve throughput and reduce tank down time (better mixing legnthens the intervals between clean outs) and corn based ethanol expansions.


For Generation 2 plants, LOTUS MIXERS supplied mixers for some of the most widely recognized project in the world today. Through this work, we have built a significant expertise in hydrolysis tank agitators and soak tank mixers. Both tanks offer design challenges and are very greatly based on the feed stock.


Retrofitting existing Corn Based Ethanol plants is a major business for us. From upgrading gearboxes to more efficient designs (helical gears replacing worm gears) to utilizing newer impeller techology, we can save the plant money in terms of increased throughput (fermentors and yeast propagation) and less solid build up (stillage tanks) resulting in less down time (longer intervals between tanks being required for cleaning).


Overall, our ethanol mixers offer some design benefits vs. our competitors mixers:

·        Slower shaft speed (vs. competition) = high torque and lower power consumption

·        Helical gear drive for more efficient smooth running

·        Higher service factors on our gearboxes

·        Impeller optimization - we manufacture the mixers to your tank and not to a catalog size.

·        Design flexibility

·        Rugged design with heavy components

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