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LOTUS MIXERS - Fermentation Experts

The art of mixing in fermentation is one of LOTUS MIXERS core stregths.

Whether the process is industrial, pharmaceutical or liquour / ethanol based, having the right mixer will make a huge impact on the success of the process.

Fermentation uses micro-organisms to convert carbon or nitrogen based raw materials into new products. With the right agitation in the fermentor, you can vastly improve the yield and profitability of the process. This is why companies use LOTUS MIXERS.

There two main types of fermentation: Aerobic fermentations (with air) and anaerobic fermentations (absense of oxygen).

Aerobic fermentation applications:

Antibiotics - Proteins - Amino acids

Enzymes - Lysine - Yeasts


Anaerobic fermentation applications:

Seed Tanks - Inoculum Tanks - Aerobic Fermenters

Anaerobic Fermenters - Bio-Based Fermentation - Enzyme Production


Each application requires extensive impeller technology. LOTUS MIXERS offers the latest in gas dispersion and hold up with our Generation 4 turbine shown below.