LOTUS Mixers - FGD Industry Leader

LOTUS MIXERS has been at the forefront of mixing research for use in flue gas desulfurization. Our work has lead to significant breakthroughs in impeller design, sealing alternatives, efficiency, gas sparging techniques, improved solid suspension and minimizing solid deposits.

Our agitators are used in:

Reagent preparation

• Pre-scrubber and absorber tanks (Scrubbers)

• Waste slurry separation feed and holding tanks (Ball Mill Slurry / Limestone Slurry)

• Area sumps (Cyclone/Filter Feed Sumps)

• Waste Water

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Anytime, you have a question about mixing, agitator technology or the application for a mixer, please call (941)966-1885, email (info@lotusmixers.com) or use our on-line data sheet.


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Static and Portable Mixers

Besides our extensive FGD proecess experience, LOTUS Mixers understands the rigors of the application and is able to provide the right mechanical design (rugged construction using the proper Materials of Construction.

Being able to select the right materials of construction for FGD applications is important.

A major consideration is the high chloride content and abrasive nature of the slurries, the wetted parts of the agitator must be either rubber-covered or of high alloy construction (904L, Hastelloy C276, C22, etc...).

We look forward to helping you get the most out of your FGD process.