X8/X8A Series

The X8/X8A series agitators are the workhorses of our product line. These mixers offer Up to 1500 HP.


The X8A configuration is a hollow quill design with independent bearing support similar to the Lightnin Series 80 gearbox. The advantage to the hollow quill is the ability to handle extreme loads on the shaft/impeller, while the independent bearing isolates the loads away from the gearbox.


The standard X8/X8A configuration is similar to the Lightnin Series 70 and the Chemineer HT.


- X8/X8A gearboxes can be configured as a hollow quill design with an independent bearing (similar to the Series 80 by Lightnin) or with a stub shaft or stub shaft configuration like the Lightnin Series 70/ Chemineer HT.

- Both configurations are right angle drives which is ideal for low head room constraints

- Drywell design prevents leakage of lubrication oil

- Splash lubrication allows for cooler operations and fewer required oil changes


- Available in standard models from speeds of 14 to 250 rpm and up to 1250 HP


- The FJA/FSK gearboxes utilize hardened helical and spiral bevel gear sets


- For easy maintenance, the gears are easily accessed through a large change gear cover.


- Tapered roller bearings with L-10 service rating higher than 100,000 hours

- Standard high quality finish of a coating of catalyzed polyurethane finish for indoor and outdoor installations


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