Impeller Technology

LOTUS Chemmixers is constantly pushing the boundaries of impeller technology. Our dedication of resources into developing new impellers and their application is unmatched in the industry.

We offer both standard (140 different standard impellers) and customed designed impellers which are optimizied to meet the specific application.

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Anytime, you have a question about mixing, agitator technology or the application for a mixer, please call (941)966-1885, email ( or use our on-line data sheet.


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Static and Portable Mixers


Our standard impellers series cover nearly every type of application:

Hydrofoils (3 or 4 blade, Wide and narrow blade designs), Gas Dispersion Impellers (Including Generation 4 impellers), Pitched and Straight Blade Impellers, Anti-foaming Impellers ,High Viscosity Impeller designs, Helix, Gates, Anchors, Displacement Impellers, Chevron Impellers, Rake Impellers, Retreat Curved Impellers, High Shear Impellers, Disk Type Impellers, Frame Impellers, Helical Ribbon Screw Impellers, Screw Impellers, Aeration Impellers, and more....