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LOTUS MIXERS Oil & Gas - Mud Agitators

All of our mud agitators are MADE IN THE USA.

These agitators serve the drilling industry with quality, time-proven mechanical agitation.

We offer three basic designs - HSK horizontal mounted heavy duty helical gear unit, VSK vertical mounted helical gear drive, and our WSK worm drive unit.

These three drive systems all are designed with a SF of greater than 2.0+ and are known for their rugged design, simplicity and dependability. This is the reason many have made our mixers the preferred choice.

Our HSK drives are right angle units designed for applications that require a low profile and have headroom restrictions. These are quiet, right angle, low profile, vibration-free agitators that are the most commonly used. The WSK series with 30:1 single reduction worm-gear drive uses a sliding action worm and gear and are available from 3 to 30 horsepower.

The HSK (right angle gear drives) series is a double-reduction helical gear designed primarily for applications requiring more than 15 horsepower. Up to 95% mechanical efficiency helps reduce horsepower requirements.

The VSK (vertical drives) series is ideal for installations with limited footprint availability. These double-reduction, in-line, helical gear agitators provide smooth, vibration-free operation and efficient mixing, just like the right-angle drive agitators.

All three drive series are offered with explosion proof, face mounted motors (either NEMA or IEC - depending on the location the mixers are to be used). LOTUS MIXERS also offers custom mounting bases fabricated to meet your needs.