Pulp & Paper

LOTUS Mixers started making mixers for the pulp and paper market back in 1996. Since the first application our experience and engineering expertise has enabled our applications engineers to offer the best design for both new and older plants especially with unusual stock difficulties.

The pulp and paper market includes the manufacture of paper from a variety of woods and cellulosic material. The pulp mill also includes recovery, coating, and effluent treatment applications.

Proper agitation, along with mechanical reliability, is critical to each step in pulp and paper processing:

Stock Chests (Dilution, Storage, Broke, Rejects, Blend, Dump, Machine, Equalizing, Latency)

High Density Towers Blow Tanks Couch

Press Pits Bleaching Towers Recovery Operations (Black Liquor, Green Liquor, Smelt, Dregs, Tall Oil, Lime)

Coatings (Clay Storage, Starch Slurry, TiO2, CaCO3, Dye, Polymer Make-Up)

Water Treatment (Whitewater storage)

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